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The Royal Flag of Scotland, or the Rampant Lion features a traditional red lion on a gold field. The fleur-de-lis along the border recalls an old alliance with France. Note that it is not the official state flag of Scotland and only to be used by the reigning monarch. However, it is widely used as a second national flag.


Pan-Celtic Flag, or Celtic Nations Flag, or Celtic Collage Flag. A composite of the flags of six Celtic nations - clockwise from the upper left (hoist): flag of BRITTANY, flag of the ISLE OF MAN, flag of SCOTLAND, flag of WALES, flag of CORNWALL(England), flag of IRELAND. A triskelion, an old pagan Celtic fertility symbol, is in the center (also sometimes called a triskele or a triskell). Other ancient European cultures seem to have used it, as well.


The National Flag of Scotland is the 'Saltire'. Learn the fascinating history behind the design of the official Scottish flag here.

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Vintage Scottish Nautical Flag - Flag of Scotland - St. Andrew's Cross

There are two flags associated with Scotland. The national flag is the white St Andrew's cross (the saltire) on a blue background. Technically, the lion rampant is the flag of the sovereign - but these days it is used by anyone.

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England Flag~First hoisted in 1191, the historic Flag of St. George became England's flag in 1278. The flag is dominated by a upright, deep-red cross. When combined with the flags of Scotland and the Patron Saint of Ireland, they collectively form the UK flag.