french flag. The colours of choice to use in the book cover for this language. I feel that these colours will be solely used for the background or imagery and another colour used for the type to match the other book covers.

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Flag of France.svg. The flag of Saint Barthélemy is the French tricolor. This is because Saint Barthélemy is a self-governing overseas collectivity of France. An unofficial flag of Saint-Barthélemy consisting of the island's coat of arms centered on a white field is also used on the island.

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October 13, 1946: The French Fourth Republic is founded when a new constitution is approved by popular vote.

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Thesis 1- France was one of the best absolutist because Louis XIV was long regarded as the best example of an absolutist in the 17th century. The way he ran his court was imitated throughout Europe. French culture, language, and manners reached into all levels of European society. French diplomacy and wars dominated the political affairs of Europe.

A drop of water reflects the campaign poster of newly elected president Francois Hollande and a map of France emblazoned with the colours of the French flag. (Getty Images)

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