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How to Fix a Bra with an Underwire that Pokes You

I hate having to buy new clothes. Since I make plenty of my own I always have a hard time not feeling ripped off, but some things I just don't have the time, supplies or experience to do myself....

Learn How To Refashion A Bra

Bras start to get loose over time, mostly the straps and the bands. Here is a…

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Stitch Fix: Would like to try this maxi dress, even though it has high / low hem and tricky bra requirement, both of which I usually avoid. Love the black / grey / white combo.

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Stitch Fix:like the style and pattern of this top; as long as it isn't too flowy for thin frames. also, love that the straps are thick enough I don't need a jacket or sweater

Love the simplicity of this top with cute back peek. Huge bonus is that you can wear a regular bra with it. Cute stuff from Stitch Fix!

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Don't Look Back ~ Baby Blue

I LOVE this. The color, the lace. As long as the back is not lace, so a normal bra can be worn with it.

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