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Print and Play Number Sense Games

I am loving these easy number sense games for kindergarten and first grade! These print and play activities are in black and white and are perfect for teaching students number sense within 20.

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A first grade blog with original ideas and activities!

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Number Talks - A Yearlong Program for First Grade - Common Core Aligned

Do you want to integrate number talks into your daily routine, but are having a difficult time planning for them? If so, this is for you! This yearlong number talks program is specifically geared for first grade and contains 180 varied activities that increase in difficulty as the year progresses. Your students are going to love engaging in mathematical discourse with their peers! #numbertalks #math #firstgrade

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With this cut-and-paste plot diagram, students organize events from Lois Lowry's novel, Number the Stars, to complete a graphic organizer. First, student organize the basic elements of plot along the lines of the plot diagram, and then they sort the events from the novel and add them to the organizer to create an organized diagram of the plot elements of Number the Stars. FREE

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First Grade Math Unit 2: Number Sense, Part Part Whole, Number Bonds, and more

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"Guess My Number" game... This could be used in a variety of other ways as well, including "Guess My Character" or "Guess My Vocab Word" for literacy.

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First Grade Math Unit 2: Number Sense, Part Part Whole, Number Bonds, and more

Everything you need to teach part part whole and other number sense concepts to help kids understand how to make numbers and decompose numbers to 10

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Number Talks in First Grade (Sliding into First!)

Hi all! Today I want to chat with you about Number Talks!*Stay with me for a freebie at the end!* Last summer, I participated in professional development provided by Math Solutions. During the week lo

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Counting to 120:This math set is tied directly to the first grade common core NBT.1:This set is the perfect tool to teach your students the first Numbers in Base Ten standard in the common core. By completing the activities in this set, your students will understand how to count to 120 starting at any number less than 120 and read and write numerals.

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100 th day of school display- just a pic- using 6x6 pieces of construction paper in 10 colors I wrote the numbers 1-100 in black sharpie. Giving 25 numbers to each first grade class, we used 5 craft materials each to glue onto the number... Ex. Stickers, Pom poms, yarn, toothpicks, cotton balls, beans, etc. we then hung the pieces in a quilt display and titled it"our 100 th day quilt" the kids were so excited to see their number as part of the quilt!

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