For a long time, she tossed and turned unable to sleep wounding if maybe just maybe he was awake thinking of her too

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"When I first met my crush I didn't think he was that attractive... Then I really liked his personality and now I tell myself "God, he's so cute" everytime I see him "

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I can't myself from liking you, or thinking about you. You are the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing before i go to sleep. I think that's a cliche from somewhere, but it's completely true.

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Don't lead me on if you don't like me this is why I didn't want to have a crush again because I pick the worst guys my first was a fuckboy the second turned out to be gay and now you're a lier I like when we talk and the way you make me feel but i hate when you make me feel confused by broken_lonely_souls

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Tried and true. I've seen it work before, I've basically done this before. Well, more of hope that they come to the same conclusion than wait for them to realise it

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