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She stands out like a firework in a black sky. Beautiful and magical -J. Swan


An actual photo of a prior year's Fourth of July celebration in Nashville, Tennessee. We love fireworks so much. Besides being beautiful, they remind me of my family, because my whole family would get together and work at my uncle's fireworks stands. #OneofAKindNashville


photo: pbertnerWhen looking at these incredible images of various species of Planthopper Nymphs (Fulgoroidea) the song Firework by Katy Perry comes to mind. These tails are extruded wax, the planthopper nymphs produce for a variety of reasons. In some, the wax forms into a fan shape that allows the insect to slowly descend when falling through air. Other times it is used as a simple distraction to predators. The wax is hydrophobic, too, so these ‘fireworks’ stand no chance of a rain delay.

from BuzzFeed

35 Insider Hacks For Taking Your Kids To Disneyland

Where you stand for the fireworks shows makes a big difference in how well you will be able to see.The awesome graphic above comes from DisneyTouristBlog, which has a lot more advice on how to get the best fireworks spot here | Disneyland hack More


A portable stand for photoshoots, it can be a lemonade stand, fireworks stand, candy's the limit!