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Firefighters politely putting up with a Jerk - YouTube

Wildland Firefighter Close Call | Wranglerstar - YouTube

Firefighter's Close Call-Bailout EXCELLENT VIDEO. Firefighters try to Search for a reported Trapped Occupant and a Room "Flashes Over" sending the Firefighter out the Window Head 1st. No one was Found in the Building!


Firefighter close calls. Stay safe out there brothers and sisters!

from BuzzFeed

The 16 Closest Calls Ever

This is the kind of thing that gives a mother permanent anxiety. Holy fetch, that kid is LUCKY. This gymnast’s biggest fan: | The 21 Luckiest People In The Entire World


Fire Wife Close Calls: Embarrassing things a fire wife can do...


Minneapolis Firefighter Ladder Slide Close Call Window Bailout

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You Have To See These 19 Incredibly Lucky People (And One Deer)

Un pompier NOROCOS » RBoy - Your Daily Entertainment


Firefighter Training Let It Make The Difference Fire Fighter Close


Let’s be honest. Being a web developer or a web designer doesn’t exactly give you an edge with the pretty girls (or guys) at your local pickup bar. If you were a part-time firefighter or investment banker, maybe. Nevertheless, the feud continues between web designers and web developers over which profession is the true calling. Like the yin and yang, these two are in constant battle to prove their dominance over the other, even when they work closely together. Here is an infographic of…