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Simple Fire Piston

Make a simple fire piston from off the shelf parts. For some time now I’ve wanted to make my own fire piston after seeing click springs fantastic version. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the tools that he uses, plus it seemed like a complicated build. After a little research I found that you could make a simpler version with off the shelf parts. Matter-of-fact, you might even have these parts lying around the shed!For those who may be new to a fire piston, what it does is allow...

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Simple Fire Piston

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How to Make a Fire Piston Out of a Mini Flashlight

A fire piston is a device used to create embers for starting a fire. The principle behind it is adiabatic heating.

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Homemade Fire Piston

I live in lovely Ol' Seattle. It likes to rain here tons, specially during winter, fall, and spring. When it rains, I like to dink around in the machine shop at my place of employment. I am also an avid hiker and camper, so this project fits right in with my interest. I designed and constructed a fire piston on the lathe at work.A fire piston works like a diesel engine, take air, compress it fast, and Boom. There is no boom, just embers if you use the right fuel.

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How to Make a Fire Piston For Under 10 Bucks

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Vulcan Fire Piston V2

Vulcan Fire Piston Fire Piston The Vulcan Fire Piston by Numyth, is precision CNC machined from an aerospace grade aluminum alloy and has an ultra tough hard anodized type III coating (orange(copper) or gray) to protect it from scratc

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