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Five-Finger Flexion Glove is great for correction of extension #contracture to finger and MCP joints. #ptsafety

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The Art of Stretching Complete – 53 Additional Images to Show You Exactly Which Muscle You Are Stretching (Part 2

26. Finger by Finger Flexion With Assistance

Dycem Psytech Finger Flexion/ Extension Gauge

Five-Finger Flexion Glove for correction of extension contracture to finger and MCP joints. Buy online at

Occupational Therapy slant board of functional self care tasks. Targets fine motor control, grip strength, finger isolation, shoulder flexion, cognition. Zippers, buttons, Velcro, shoe tying, opening containers and more!

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Dynamic PIP flexion splint Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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Finger Flexion Glove -

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