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from Colin Cowie Weddings

free starbucks on your wedding day...

After posting that starbucks, I had to find the closest non-starbucks. Yelp has it as Jet Fueled Expresso, a 19 year old coffee spot .7 miles away (4 minutes on a bike?). I still like the shipping container, but this place looks pretty sweet, even if they do use comic sans.

Trapster is loaded with POIs! If you are on the road and need an affordable 8 dollar cup of coffee, turn on the Starbucks POI and easily find their closest location.

Our Starbucks Chirstmas cup. There aren't any near me. The closest one is about an hour away. Kath you would be proud of me I've only had 2 maybe 3 coffees since I've been here. Even if I can find coffee there is no cream and that means black I can't do that. lol


STICKER SHOCK Well for for the starting price of about 10,000 USD. You too can have the best tasting cup of coffee in the world! This machine only brews one cup at a time..... Or like me find a coffee shop that has a Clover Machine. If you take your coffee serious, you will all ready know where the closest Clover is.

from Spend With Pennies

Starbucks Mocha Cupcakes Recipe

Starbucks Mocha Cupcakes Love it? Pin it (just click the photo) or RePin it here! Follow Spend With Pennies on Pinterest for more great recipes and ideas! There are very few things I love in life as much as my Starbucks!  I can’t function without my coffee.. and my first cup is always a mugContinue Reading...


and if I did, they wouldn't spell it right. Just like Starbucks, everyone thinks 'Bailey'


Protein Muffins - I need to try this, I'm trying to find the closest thing to the muesli bread in the protein bistro box at Starbucks.