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A Google search for an Aggie belt buckle led a former student to the find of a lifetime -- a Class of 1890 Aggie Ring.


Tomato Leaf Death: This is probably not an infectious disease, but caused by weather conditions in the recent past. You will want to pay close attention to your plants and maybe provide fertilizer at flowering and fruit set. Keep up with watering, but you may consider watering more deeply at one time and less frequently because tomatoes need water deep in the soil but don't like to have "wet feet" (too much water closer to the surface, which can happen if you water too often). If the water…

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Here’s a Powerful Way to Find Out Where You Would Love to Work

A switch in focus can really help you find a career at an organization that suits you.

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You’ve Been Working The Wrong Job Your Whole Life. This Graph Will Put You Back On Track

Does your career match your personality? I encourage EVERYONE to take the MBTI personality test and look at this!


"Your restless heart will only find rest when it rests in the person, presence and promises of Jesus." (Paul Tripp)