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Could not have said it better myself!! Then when you finally wake up & realize you don't have to fight anymore cause it's finally over......whoa..what a huge weight has be lifted off!!! Oh but let's not for get that's when the childish name calling & pointing fingers starts...LMAO.....grow up!


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i used to care about you, until i realized how pathetic i was to be crying over someone who simply didn't care. you hurt me, you made me feel like i was worthless, stupid, and unimportant. i let you get to me; in fact i let you control me. but i'm finally moving on. although you did teach me one thing: to never hold on to someone who isn't holding on to you. as for me, i know better. as for you, you lost a person who actually cared.


The fight for love is over. A female wants to be loved unconditionally. When things get tough she wants him to fight for things just as hard as she would. Giving up isn't an option to a woman who's strong enough to stand in a storm by herself. But life is also too short and you must live and let go. When you finally open your eyes, it will be to late. The woman who was fighting for you, will no longer want to fight with you.


God! That feels great!!!..... Freeing It just takes a bit of time, self healing & space....and then a whole day passes & I didn't think of you, then weeks...and then you are a far off memorywith no power.