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L’Apostrophe hôtel, entre douceur et poésie - Dans le quartier des libraires et des éditeurs, venez découvrir un hôtel qui décline l'univers du livre et de l'écriture sur tous les tons. Il porte le doux nom d'Apostrophe Hôtel, clin d'œil à l'é...

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Drop Box The Best File Sharing Software MAC iPad iPod PC - It's Free! : ScrapPNG, Transparent PNG Graphics

How-To Geek : Ignorify: The App That lets You Completely Ignore the World Around You [Humorous Video]

Acronis this week expanded its reach into cloud backup with Acronis Storage, which provides backup and archiving for managed service providers, cloud providers and enterprises with private clouds.

Downloading 101: How Torrent File Sharing Works

Downloading 101: How Torrent File Sharing Works: Protect Yourself from Bad Torrents with Antivirus

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File-Sharing Sites PayPal Account Returns After EFF Intervention For much of the last decade PayPal was used on hundreds of file-sharing sites and services in order to accept donations from users. It was convenient for everyone concerned but copyright holders were less than impressed. Slowly but surely PayPal along with payment processors including Visa and Mastercard were put under pressure to either server their links with piracy-focused sites or raise the bar so that sites operating in…

Leverage your business & team with SharePoint Cloud Hosting – Develop & integrate SharePoint server for increased security, scalability & accessibility.

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Rackspace is now selling AWS storage with a support package to match

A new front has opened in cloud price competitiveness, with providers taking on AWS's one-hour minimum charge and offering charge periods as small as a single minute. But although this sounds good for the consumer, can significant cost savings be made?

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