Fight Club 2 Art by David Mack. Date: May 27 2015. Water colours, brushes. David Mack in an interview has said that "they is so many just as powerful visual icons in this story that build of of the icons previously, but other their own thing" Which is what Mack intended to do with this new cover.

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Fight Club - An underground classic since its first publication in 1996, Fight Club is now recognized as one of the most original and provocative novels published in this decade. Chuck Palahniuk's darkly funny first novel tells the story of a godforsaken young man who discovers that his rage at living in a world filled with failure and lies cannot be pacified by an empty consumer cultu...more

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"With insomnia, nothing is real. Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy."

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Here's the first teaser art from the new 'Fight Club 2' comic book series | The Verge

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Fight Club 2 HC, a collection of ten comic books continuing the cult classic story of Fight Club.

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Maybe the first rule of Fight Club is never to talk about Fight Club. But almost 20 years after the debut of Chuck Palahniuk’s formative novel, the world is showing no signs of stopping. First, there was David Fincher’s popular 1999 film, starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton—a movie that became a cultural phenomenon and cult classic. And now, Palahniuk has ushered his characters into a new medium with the debut of his comic, Fight Club 2. A 10-issue series with art by Cameron Stewart that…

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