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Female Viking Names

the-orator: “ Some outfit art from the RP blog the final outfit was picked out by Coldwindscutclean for a prompt u v u ”

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Finnish garb - Link goes to pdf of "VIKING AGE FINLAND. Study and Recreation of the Eura Dress" by Oonagh Bhan from Kingdom of the West

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Fierce feisty and female! True grit...just love this character - no rescue needed!!! Lagertha. The Vikings. I LOVE me some Lagertha! Kathryn Winnick plays her so well! I was inspired to create a legendary queen in the novels dynasty who led an army to take back her throne.

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"Warriors are not beautiful. They are covered in blood. Their hands have spoken death. Do not call me a princess. I am a goddamn queen."-----yasssss!

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Scorched earth! Viking only took back the fine bitches. They left the fat, old and ugly ones behind to burn with their villages.

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Pictish Warrior Woman: 8th century English historian, Bede, who wrote that, whenever the Pictish royal succession was in dispute, kings were chosen from the Female royal line rather than the male.

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