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Female Hamster Names

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72 Cute and Funny Hamster Names

Got a hamster? Got a name? Try looking through these names to see if there is one perfect for your hamster! Boy hamster names, girl hamster names, cute hamster names, and funny hamster names.


Hi guys! I might be getting two male rats, and I want to give them Doctor Who related names. I definitely wanna name one Jack (after Capt. Jack because he's my favorite companion) but I don't know what I want to name the other! I was thinking Gallifrey, but I feel like that's more of a female name. And Doctor would be kind of weird for a rat. XD If you guys have any awesome Doctor Who names, please comment! The commenter with my favorite name gets a shoutout :3


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Got a hamster? Got a name? Whether you're looking for a cute or funny name, browse through these names to find the perfect one for your male or female hamster!