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Female Dominance

Changing skin color is an important part of communication among chameleons. According to the San Diego Zoo, a chameleon's skin changes colors in response to its emotions, such as anger or fear, changes in light, temperature or humidity. The brighter the color, the more dominant the male is, and the more attractive he is to females. A submissive male is usually brown or gray. Females use their colors to accept or reject a suitor, and their color can also indicate that she is pregnant…

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This species of "Blue Monkeys, are in the evergreen and bamboo canopy forests of Angola, Tanzania and the areas of the Congo, in Africa. They are a female-philopatric society with one dominant male, who stays a distance away from the harem. They birth one baby at a time.They feed on fruits and leaves, and an occasional slow invertabrate.

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40 Cute Outfits Ideas For This Cold Winter

#winter #fashion / Dark Jacket / White Lace Top / White Destroyed Skinny Jeans / Laced Up Platform

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Beauxbatons boy in the book held the door to the carriage..... in the books they weren't as important. Beauxbatons were proper people with manners which made the females more dominant(sexist I know). Formatting really didn't even talk or show of any females. They are taught to be brutal making it more of a "manly man" school

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