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Moose Cow In Gaspesie National Park Photograph by Philippe Henry - Moose Cow In Gaspesie National Park Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale


Awww! Adorable!!!! Dutch Belted cattle. Their milk fat is actually more than the Jersey's surprisingly. It's 7% and a Jersey's is 6%. Wow! It would be fun to own at least one of these female cows for milk. :)


This guy is beautiful! Totally looks like the Disney elk that crossed our path on the way to Nootka.


"Dairy is a business that profits off of the exploitation of the female reproductive system. The entire life of a "dairy Cow" is a never-ending nightmare cycle of depression, torture and rape. Yes, rape. Cows produce milk for the same reasons humans produce milk. They are mammals like us, and produce milk for the sole purpose of feeding and nourishing their young. artificial insemination is done by restraining the female cow in what is known as a “rape rack”. "


The ring in the calfs nose is to keep her from drinking her mothers milk, the most natural thing in the world. If the calf drinks the milk there won't be any for selfish humans to drink.