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i need help! goin thrugh very bad times. tried gng out frnds but caught up by fighting,i dnt knw whts wrng wid me but i will try my level best to help me.


Do you ever just feel like your just completely worthless and unattractive on a physical and emotional level and your just never good enough because theirs always someone else that overpowers you with their pretty face and personality and you just instantly back down because you feel you literally have nothing to fight against with

its not a feeling. i know i bother people by being alive. yet everyone refuses to let me kill myself. they have to act like they care for the court system but im tired of it.


I'm broken with no Idea how to mend myself. I'm cut. I'm bleeding. I have no future. A vast nothing looms before me. I am frozen in disbelief at what I have become. I can not move. One step is all it takes. I know this. I just don't care... What is wrong with me?!.....