4th President of the United States In office March 4, 1809 – March 4, 1817 Vice President George Clinton Elbridge Gerry

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Alexander Hamilton along with James Madison and John Jay collaborated to compose a series of essays in defense of the new US Constitution originally titled “The Federalist”. The Constitution had been

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Your Rights When The Cops Pull You Over Explained In One Brilliant #infographic

Crash Course U.S. History Worksheets make teaching & learning fun! A mix of T/F, fill-in, and free-answer formats, these U.S. History Crash Course worksheets also feature time-stamps on every question! Episodes 6-10 cover: • Taxes and Smuggling: A Prelude to Revolution • Who Won the American Revolution • The Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, and Federalism • Where Did U.S. Politics Come From? -- Federalists and Democratic-Republicans • Thomas Jefferson and His Democracy

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Something about blue paneled walls... I'd kill to have a sitting room the Bennet's in Pride & Prejudice.

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The Federalist Papers. Excellent source for many free, downloadable books and papers written by or concerning the Founding Fathers or American history.

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The American public needs to read these documents again - after they spend the 20 minutes required to really read the Constitution.

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