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Confederate Prison Number 6 in Danville, Virginia. This converted tobacco warehouse housed thousands of Federal Prisoners of War during the Civil War. © Mike Lynaugh


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Henry Borelli stands convicted of stealing 15 cars three decades ago. Two cohorts found guilty of the same crime got out of prison a dozen years ago. Two pals in the same notorious Gambino crew were convicted of many murders. Mr.Capeci writes, They’re still behind bars, but have a dim light at the end of their tunnel. But Borelli, whose 150-year sentence is a record for Mafia cases, will have to set a U.S. record for longevity to breathe free fresh air again. His daughter and sister are…


This is the prison jail cell of the famous prisoner Bird Man of Alcatraz Robert Stroud..This cell located in the hospital ward on Alcatraz Island. This is where Stroud spent 11 of his 17 years. In 1959 he was transferred to federal prison in Springfield Missouri where he died in 1963.


Camp Elmira Prison: This Federal POW camp held over 12,000 captured Confederate soldiers for 15 months in 1864 and 1865. The intentional denial of food, adequate shelter, clothes, and medical supplies, along with institutionalized torture resulted in 2,963 deaths - almost 25% of all prisoners held. This makes Elmira Prison's mortality rate comparable to Buchenwald - a Grade II Nazi concentration camp.