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Interesting kids down the block. Their chalk drawings inspired this haiku: Hopscotch? Much too tame. / These kids are C.S.I. fans / or quite macabre. And their art got me thinking about death and taxes and impending changes to the federal estate tax.

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What You Need to Know About the Federal Estate Tax

What You Need to Know About the Federal Estate Tax: U.S. Federal Estate Tax Return

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12 Simple Steps to an Estate Plan A checklist to help you take care of your family by making a will, power of attorney, living will, funeral...

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Ryan Plan Gets 69 Percent of Its Budget Cuts From Programs for People With Low or Moderate Incomes | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

IRS Announces 2015 Estate And Gift Tax Limits

IRS Announces 2015 Estate And Gift Tax Limits: The federal estate tax exemption rises to $5.43 million per person for 2015, but the annual gift exclusion amount stays at $14,000.

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A family trust is useful to those seeking to protect their families from needless probate fees, attorney’s fees, court costs and federal estate taxes. However, it can also be useful in providing substantial protection for your family. #news #estateplanning #family #kids #marriage #divorce

The Role Of State Estate And Inheritance Taxes After Repeal Of The Federal Estate Tax

IRS Announces 2016 Estate And Gift Tax Limits: The $10.9 Million Tax Break

The 2016 Projections For Estate And Gift Tax Limits

5 Types of Taxes That Affect Your Estate

When preparing or updating your estate plan, you will need to have a basic understanding of the different types of taxes that can affect your estate - gift taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, generation skipping transfer (or GST) taxes, and income taxes.

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