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Sorry you won't be getting a Father's Day card this year from the children you abandoned. I didn't know the address of the gutter you live in.

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memes that make you LOL IRL - Page 926


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Funny Father's Day Ecard: To the man who missed all the milestones, doctor's appointments, sleepless nights and struggles: Happy Father's Day, you selfish bastard!

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Happy Father's Day to the man that has to have his child support garnished from his paycheck.

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There should be an anti-father's day, a bad dad's day. That way I could truly say 'you're the best!'

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Our Hat Is Off To All The Single Moms on Father's Day

Our Hat Is Off To All The Single Moms on Father's Day!! -

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But not before telling what kind of lazy, needy, selfish bitch you will ALWAYS BE!!! Stupid BITCH!! I still can't believe I stayed that long!!!WOW you stole so much!! And now... Your sooooo JEALOUS ;-)

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Father's Day DIY

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