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Fate Reagan

On the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, it’s easy to see the collapse of the Soviet Bloc as something that was inevitable. That’s essentially the way the event is being taught today at universities and colleges around the country. But it’s important for us all to recall that the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and that concrete edifice, the Wall, was not inevitable. It was the result of choices and decisions that were made by statesmen in the West, in particular President Ronald…

Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History |


How Pennsylvania will be won

The fate of the state's 20 electoral votes will be decided on opposite ends of the Pennsylvania Turnpike: “We’re making sure that the people we can count on for our base are well-educated on the subject of Donald Trump, to make sure we aren’t losing people,” said Nancy Patton Mills, the Democratic chair of Allegheny County. “It’s very important right now," because in western Pennsylvania, "we do have some Democrats who are leftover Reagan Democrats, who may be a little more vulnerable.”

What are the goals and fate of ISIS as it relates to Israel? Find out with Dr. David Reagan on the show Christ in Prophecy. End Times Focus on Israel, Part 2.

"It is time for us to realize that we are too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams. We are not as some would have us to believe, doomed to an inevitable decline. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing". - President Ronald Reagan #FreedomNationUSA


The Fate of Islam in Bible Prophecy Will Islam be the religion of the Antichrist? By Dr. David R. Reagan There is much about the Arabs in Bible prophecy, but the Bible is relatively silent about Islam. This may seem to be a strange statement to some because many people identify the

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How Ronald Reagan dealt with his Alzheimer's diagnosis

When Reagan was faced with a harsh fate, Newsweek reported on how he handled himself with trademark charm and levity. Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History (9780393060225): John Patrick Diggins: Books


Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History by John Patrick Diggins. $27.95. Publication: February 6, 2007. Publisher: W. W. Norton Company; First edition (February 6, 2007). 528 pages

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What ever happened to the White House solar panels Reagan dismantled?

Primaries are what keep the GOP out of the White House -