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Fatal Frame fans would know by on @DeviantArt

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Fatal Frame

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Fatal Frame 3 the tormented manor of sleep

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Fatal Frame- I just got this game recently. I'm rarely fast enough to snap photos of the fleeting ghosts, but this is a fun one so far.

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Google Image Result for

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"..Ghosts, exorcisms, and dark Shinto rituals." Anyone here who plays (or has played) Fatal Frame? It was hailed as one of the best-written survival horror games ever made, and for us, it's one of the creepiest games ever! The stories in each of the games of the series are very gripping, and as for the gameplay, you actually have to take a photo of the ghosts to defeat them~ (*_*)

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Hisoka & Yuri & Miu & Miku | Fatal Frame V #game #illustration

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Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden

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Tags: Anime, Original, Pixiv, Seafh

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Save Point - Fatal Frame II by on @DeviantArt

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