Fat Dogs in the World You Never Seen (8 Photos)


I wonder what these dogs eat that makes them so fat? How much do they eat a day? Why do their owners feed them so much? My dad taught me that when dogs are this fat, it is bad for their heart, their bones & joints and they can not be as active. What do…

LOL! Way to Funny!!!

Dr says I'm fat so I ate him

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Five Fat Dog Breeds

Five Fat Dog Breeds

If your dog makes this list, she needs extra walks, less food, and training without extra treats. Find out what can be done to prevent problem in the most common fat dogs.

saw a super fat dog at the shelter last week and want her. this isn't her, though.

Funny pictures about Babe caught me sleeping. Oh, and cool pics about Babe caught me sleeping. Also, Babe caught me sleeping.