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Farmhouse Dehydrators

Of all the appliances that are useful on a homestead, a dehydrator is my MOST PRODUCTIVE. It saves me hundreds of dollars each year, and it produces some of our favorite preserved foods and snacks. Don't waste your time and money on the wrong kind of dehydrator, they are not all created equal!

from Attainable Sustainable

Summer Canning Recipes Galore

Applesauce, salsa, chutney, dilly beans, chow-chow, relish. There's an amazing abundance of recipes that you can preserve at home with a simple water bath. And it's EASY.

from Self Reliant School

Dehydrating Beans–How To Make ”Quick Cook” Beans

Step by step directions for dehydrating beans or making quick cook beans. I go over the why you'd want to do this and what could go wrong. #beselfreliant

from Mom with a PREP

How to Make and use Mushroom Powder

Mom with a PREP | Love mushroom flavor but don't like the texture? Want to find a way to add more umami without adding meat? Try making your own mushroom powder!