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Seunghee Lee – Concept art

Suenghee Lee - Fantasy | Magic | Fairytale | Surreal | Myths | Legends | Stories | Dreams | Books

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Speed Painting- Assassin, Xu Zhang on ArtStation at

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ilustraciones de jana schirmer “Janaschi”

collab by: done for the team chow II event on It was much fun even if it was rushed mostly (we did 8 illustration in 9 days ) If you want to know more infos about the characters you ...

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((Open RP. Be her?)) I clamp my fists and teeth in pain as the world began to blur around me. Slowly, I look up at the princess I swore to protect. "Run!" I order her. ((Credit to @Maud.))

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Artist: Unknown name aka dannis1982 - Title: Unknown - Card: Arms Merchant Renos. #LOTC #Fantasy #Warrior

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