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You need some jobs for your characters, but you don't which one ? In such cases you need lists of possible labors. Here is an example of a list. ( And I can assure you it helps you a lot ) SIMPLY WRITING TIP #9

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Girl's name

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Writing a fantasy #NaNoWriMo novel? Check out these 5 tips and resources for writing fantasy novels! #writingtips #fantasy

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Fantasy name generators. Names for all your fantasy characters. Not just fantasy, but real names as well. Interesting list of possibilities.

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MASTER LIST Medieval English Names ~ great resource for naming characters in your historical or high fantasy novel! #writingtips #nanowrimo

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How to Name a Character

How to name a character: delve into this first step in the character creation process and find out where to look, what to look for, and what to avoid when naming the characters in your novel! // Something Delicious

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Character Names – Alvar and Elva

"He must be civilised." the others around her argued. "He introduces dangerous thoughts and his ignorance shames us." "What if he is not as you say?" she interrupted. "What if the boy, though primitive, has other wisdom? Are we then to throw that away?" -Julianne Tucker

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Millicent Coastillon? NO NO I'm JUST AND INNOCENT BYSTANDER He says his name is millicent bystander... What I think when I hear the name millicent O.o

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