Famous people from colombia

En está fotografía, hay una bailarina de la Cumbia. Es impresionante saber como nació la cumbia, el baile principal en el carnaval. Todo empezó cuando los esclavos en su día de descanso se reunía en las playas y tocaban tambores y otros instrumentos y a pesar de las cadenas que tenían en los pies, bailaban suavemente en la arena.

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Panama I love that this shows an example of the technique that the Cuna Indians use in making their molas!

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SOFIA VERGARA The Modern Family actress shined in gold as she sat by her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on May 7. Vergara received the 2,551st star on the famous street.

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The word "silhouette" comes from Étienne de Silhouette, 18th century Controller-General of Finances under French king Louis XV. Depending on what you read, either he was known for his hobby of making silhouette portraits or people named the cheap form of portraiture after the famously cheap man (or maybe it was both). Well, he'd better tighten his purse strings even more because giving old Étienne a run for his money is Colombia's Juana Rodriguez

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Mexican chocolate is a style of drinking chocolate that is very famous in Mexico and extends through Central America all the way to Colombia. The Aztecs and the Maya of these regions were the first peoples to make and drink chocolate for thousands of years before it was discovered by the old world. The origin of the word chocolate comes from xocolatl (bitter water), from the ancient Aztec language, Náhuatl. They also have another word- xocola’j which means to drink chocolate together…

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Colombian coffee. Made famous by Juan Valdez, the iconic gaucho with his cowboy hat and mule laden with coffee in burlap sacs. And although Colombian now fiercely protects its coffee exports and st...

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Kuna Legs. Kuna is a tribe of indigenous people in Panama & Colombia. They are famous for their molas a textile art using methods of applique and reverse applique.

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