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"Cafe Terrace", a famous artwork painted by Vincent Van Gogh. The colors of the sky resemble the painting "Starry Night" while the rest of the painting shows the characteristics of the rest of Van Gogh's paintings, with their vivid colors and small details.

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Top Ten Most Famous Paintings of the World

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Katsushika Hokusai's "The Great Wave" Karla, this is my favorite EVER. I used to have all the prints of the famous painting from this artist, but I gave them to Yasmine.

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Which Famous Painting Are You?

I got: The Starry Night! Which Famous Painting Are You? You are a romantic and an idealist. That's not to say you haven't experienced some very challenging periods in your life, but you choose to look at the world as the way you'd like to see it. You enjoy getting together with friends, and can be quite the socialite, but you also savor your time alone, doing whatever strikes your fancy. The free spirit in you loves to travel, and dreams of going to places you have never been and seeing life…

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Flaming June is a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton, produced in 1895 is widely considered to be Leighton's magnum opus, showing his classicist nature. It is thought that the woman portrayed alludes to the figures of sleeping nymphs and naiads the Greeks often sculpted. The (toxic) Oleander branch in the top right, symbolises the fragile link between sleep and death.

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18 Unbelievably Expensive Artworks That Sold For Millions This Year

Edvard Munch's "The Scream" 1893 The lines for the walkway of the bridge differ in thickness and color, they are very sharp, distinct lines.

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Head of a Woman - Leonardo Da Vinci 1902 I see texture in this beautiful piece of art in the woman's face. I feel as if I could simply reach out and touch her skin while looking at this.

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