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Playing Bible character "Who am I?" For family worship night.


Setting goals family worship project. Photo shared by @frederico_longpondo


@boomariah shares with us: “We took the idea from the video last week on throwing around a beach ball with different questions on it for family worship. It was fun to do something different!” by jw_witnesses More

I love this, such good reminders during difficult times.


Family Worship Night study ideas. A lot of these are things I'd even like to do by myself, not just for family study night.

Great idea for family worship night. They used a box for the den. (Credit: @lusichfamily)


Love this family worship idea!

Manna Jar: Every time God provides for your family, write down the date and a quick note describing what he has done and add it to your "manna jar" (Exodus 16:31-33)


Ephesians 6 - The complete suit of armor for Christians. Family Worship Project: Research each piece of the "complete suit". Explain how we get and maintain each piece. More


Jehovah's qualities! Wow! I needed this! Something to go through when I have my Personal Worship Night! #excited