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Family Chore Chart Center (All Things Target)

It’s summer! In my house that can be said with chagrin or excitement, depending on the day. Summer is great for spending time with your kids but I have realized that to keep a little sanity in our hou


Family Chore Chart - Love this idea. My kids for some reason are always telling me they don't know what/how to do their chores. Funny because as soon as I tell them they will be grounded they do them without another word. :D

Chore Chart & Good Behavior Chart with reward system. I'm going to make something like this but a smaller version for my refrigerator.

13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids

13 of the Best Chore Charts for Kids: Chores are a great way to teach kids responsibility, independence, and self-sufficiency. Getting started with kids assigned chores can be challenging, but getting organized can help. Use one of these chore charts for kids to get started.