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Granite Grit (chapter 19)(LEE COOPER (Lee Hank Cooper))

Granite Grit (chapter 19) by LEE COOPER Joe is victorious, wins the cash the family need, the family who don't know how he really earned the crust. Joe is slowly becoming more aggressive as he tries to come to terms with his brutal path at his fathers hands

"A Winter Wheel" It was Winter And a family needed a wheel So their father said he’ll walk in a circle But father decides instead to stand still And claim he has completed the circle For many seasons, a family had needed a wheel But father…only stood still So a family decided to decorate father for the holidays

from The Art of Manliness

Fathering With Intentionality: The Importance of Creating a Family Culture

Family Culture: The Importance of Fathering With Intentionality and Creating a Positive Family Culture

Happiness needed for 2 beautiful angels! - After experiencing the worst year in 2013 due to losing my father, my family being ripped apart, but most hurtful of all, my 3 year old twin daughters innocence cruelly ripped from them by someone they trusted, Our family needs a fun filled ...

A family needs a father to anchor it. - #tshirt recycle #sweater style. CHEAP PRICE =>

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It’s time to reform a child-support system that damages families

It's time to reform a child-support system that damages families