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False Dilemma --- The Beginning of Disaster?

DeboraLynn: Journal Out-Loud: Reject The Summons To A False Dilemma Just because I am not "with you" does not mean that I am "against you." (This is called a "false dilemma.") Do not actualize an enemy or opponent where there was none.

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What is a False Dilemma?

false dilemma: <i>A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense</i> by Normand Baillargeon (Seven Stories Press, 2008)

False Dilemma (also called false dichotomy, false binary, black-and-white thinking, bifurcation, denying a conjunct, the either–or fallacy, fallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, the fallacy of false choice, or the fallacy of the false alternative) is a type of informal fallacy that involves a situation in which only limited alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option. The opposite of this fallacy is argument to moderation.

2015-06-01 I’M ONE OF HUNDREDS SENTENCED TO DEATH IN EGYPT. THE US IS ‘CONCERNED’. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH. The optimistic democratic narrative of 2011 has given way to the severe discourse of security. The rhetoric has reintroduced the false dilemma of security and stability versus democracy and principles. The fallacy behind this dichotomy consists in perceiving security and democracy as mutually exclusive rather than complementary.

279. “Do you Support Keystone XL Pipeline or Not?” False Dilemma