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False dilemma - Wikipedia

"Real suspense comes from moral dilemma, and the courage to make and act upon choices. False suspense comes from the accidental and meaningless occurrence of one damn thing after another." - John Gardner - Writers Write Creative Blog

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The best book ever is called "The Only Thing to Fear" by Caroline Tung Richmond. It's about what might have happened if Hitler had won WWII. It's more of a sci-fi book than anything but I LOVE IT! I was so sad when I finished it because it was awesome!

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#Aquarius paradox: half of the mind seeks a traditional love relationship, yet the other half desires endless freedom and independence.

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“I think we have just discovered the only full proof way to destroy ones doppelganger. By killing the original.“

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9 Charming Cartoons Explaining Logical Fallacies

False Dilemma | 9 Charming Cartoons Explaining Logical Fallacies #share Hashtags: #MajesticVision #Rhetorical