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This is just so bloody awesome, i love it. Havoc and Mayhem - Concept by Ariel Perez, Matt Millard on ArtStation at

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The Secret of Fallout Loot...My inner RPG hoarding instincts can't get over the fact that he just wasted a nuke on 1 stinking bandit... I used to store those nukes for "when I need them in the future" . Ended up never using them because "I might need them later".

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The 20-dollar 20-day Emergency Food Kit | - good blog with ideas for prepping especially like when they do the low cost lists

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My Sole Survivor cosplay from Fallout 4 worn at Pax South 2016 - Imgur

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Titanfall 2 (for PC Xbox and PS4) on sale at Best Buy today. $33 or $26 if you have gamers club

Doing training at my grocery store when this appears. Food safety appears to be opposite in the Fallout universe. #Fallout4 #gaming #Fallout #Bethesda #games #PS4share #PS4 #FO4