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Fallout D&D Card Apparently J. E. Sawyer project director and lead designer of Fallout: New Vegas designed a Fallout tabletop roleplaying game! Its unofficial and sadly neglected Bigger picture for printing here. fallout fallout special fallout stats fallout perks fallout d&d fallout tcg


All three of my “poor man’s” Nuka Cola bottles from Fallout 4. From left to right, Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry and Nuka Cola Quantum. Made using Perrrier plastic bottles, foam core poster board, Owens Corning foamular insulation foam, bottle caps and labels printed on regular paper that was coated in Elmers Glue-All then the whole bottle was clear coated with rustoleum clear gloss engine enamel.


Funny I stumble on this... just last night I was telling a friend that, althought it serves no real purpose in the game, I *always* pick this perk for my own amusement.


Fallout SPECIAL Perks Ornament 7 Pack Set