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"Today it was different; today the trees sang too, and, oh--there tone was golden." //AUTUMN// We've been expecting you. :)

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Halloween Mountain House Weekend

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14 Reasons 'Country Living' Loves Fall

As summer comes to an end, we can't wait for our favorite season to start here at Country Living HQ—autumn! Here are our editors' top ways to embrace the fall season, from Halloween and tailgating, to hot toddies and leaf peeping.

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Autumn • boots • leaves • fall • season • love • fun • outfit • inspiration • style • fashion

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Photo (Dreaming In blue)

I NEED to take a picture like this this Autumn. #designist #autumn #cosy

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25 Gorgeous Photos That’ll Get You Excited for Fall (We Swear!)

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Autumn 2012: Celebration of the season

The tranquil Androscoggin River in Turner, Maine • photo: Amber Waterman / Sun Journal The beauty in this season is exactly why I love the Fall so much! -kv

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August 26: rusticate \ RUHS-ti-keyt \, verb; 1. to go to the country. 2. to stay or sojourn in the country. 3. to send to or domicile in the country. 4. to make rustic, as persons or manners. 5. to finish (a wall surface) so as to produce or suggest rustication. 6. British. to suspend (a student) from a university as punishment.

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Inspired By: Autumn

a visual of one of my favorite parts of the fall season: crisp fall leaves crunching underneath my step as i walk outside.

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