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Four Tier Fondant Faux Wedding Cake, Fake Wedding Cake, Fondant Wedding Cake, Faux Wedding Cake, Wedding Display Cake

A 4 tier fondant faux wedding cake. Cake comes in 6, 8, 10, 12 tiers. Approx 20 tall and on an 16 cake board. With the costs of weddings


For when a tiered cake would be too expensive to all be real - OR for making a detailed "cake" ahead of time and serving sheet cakes.

DIY Faux Wedding Cake

I followed this tutorial to make a cake for our wedding display at Steamroller (our cake turned out awesome!!!)


Seleção traz 100 bolos de casamento que dão até dó de comer

Four Tier Square Fondant Wedding Cake, Fake Wedding Cake, Faux Wedding Cake, Faux Cake

love the look of the lace on the tiers. we can do this to our "fake tiers" easily and have our top tier be real cake with our cupcakes surrounding in a nice display


Ok Rachel I like this but instead of the big diamonds I wanna put the turqoise/purple flowers in their place. n the edible pearls all over so it wont b so plain. The cake topper will be like tha but all bling. I found one. Also 4 layers like this.


DIY Cake - step by step putting fondant on styrofoam cake layers and putting the whole thing together...I think we can pull this off!