How to Find and Remove Fake Followers from Twitter and Instagram : Social Media Examiner

Interact with your Instagram audience to boost your brand awareness. Then market your business to these people to get more traffic, conversions and sales from Instagram.

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Buying fake followers will up your numbers, but those accounts won’t generate any real activity or do anything at all except falsely inflate egos and maybe get your account banned. Here are 7 reasons not to do it.

Fake You Out - Twenty One Pilots. This picture is awesome because the left brain deals with linear stuff and right brain is creative stuff. This IS a picture of my brain

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How to make a faux marble table or surface with contact paper. Simple Ikea hack to make your furniture look more expensive by @sylandsam

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Stop Faking it Until You Make it Fake Followers, Trolls, Influence, Spam and Bullies ... podcast with Pam Moore

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