Wow this was me last year when my so called "best friend" believed some lies her sister-in-law also known as a "snake" told her and abandoned me right as I had a brand new baby! It's sad when someone you've known for so long turns out to be so fake and can be fed lies by someone who has back stabbed them more times than I can count on two hands! But I get lied about and turned away from forever!!!! That's some B.S!!! ~VSD

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Caption says it all but I'll add my rendition to it. I Can so relate to this so many fake friends out there I've now seen and heard this with my own eyes and ears and they know who they are. Keep your circle "extra" small even if it means reducing it to half or even one or two people in your life. Cut them out like cancer and move on quickly. Life is too short these days so make the most out of it in the most productive as well positive way possible. Remember; Stay blessed not stressed…

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the so called best friend in my life left when i finally figured it all out! about dhystemia, narcissism and all that happend to me...she was not a friend she left me in time of divorce so when you read this ..fuck you!!! she masqueraded as a friend for long time only when she could take advantage of me she was a "friend" you are not a loss, you are fake thats why i will never contact you again i now know how to cut ties with toxic ppl.

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I wouldnt really call you my best friend, id call you my sister, youre sweet, loving, kind, absolutely beautiful, funny, heck! The list is endless. I wouldnt change a thing about you. I Youre truly the best 'sister' ive ever had. I love you, kat

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I didn't tell them 'everything', I've never told anyone 'everything. W/social media ppl feel the need to even inform everyone of their bathroom habits...I mean really?!

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