Rosetta is a charming and well mannered garden fairy residing in Pixie Hollow. She shares a sassy streak with Tinker Bell & speaks with a Southern accent. Rosetta arrived in Pixie Hollow before most of her friends so she is presumed to be a little wiser than the others. She dislikes mud despite being a garden fairy. She tends to become guilty of judging a book by it's cover. Rosetta wears pink or red dresses that resemble flower petals. She has somewhat curly shoulder-length hair.

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Germany's Fairy Tale Road. A Grimm fairy tales map takes you to all the different towns related to the wonderful tales of the Brothers Grimm. For more details see

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Vidia Pixie Hollow Games - Disney Fairies Wiki I just realized how much she looks like Meg from Hercules

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Iridessa is a light-talent fairy with black hair put up in a bun & has brown eyes. The dress she is depicted in most times is a yellow strapless dress with a sunflower seed as a button. Iridessa, one of the most talented light fairies, is a detail-oriented perfectionist. She’s passionate about her work, but can also be a worrywart, even when she tries to see the bright side of things, but often smells disaster. She hates to be wrong but usually is always right.

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