illustration of Cinderella.   For Fairy Tale Project "Fairy Tales for Today"  (soon here will be link)

The first dress by liga-marta - "illustration of Cinderella. For Fairy Tale Project "Fairy Tales for Today"

Old Fairy Tale Illustrations | ... : Once Upon a Time Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations -Kay Nelson 1913

“‘Don’t drink!’ cried out the little Princess, springing to her feet.” from the Twelve Dancing Princesses Kay Nielsen, 1913 Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur. In Powder and Crinoline: Old Fairy Tales.

Vintage Fairytale Illustrations

Vintage Fairytale Illustrations

the old cat who ran away to the woods, married the fox and scared the hell out of the boar, the wolf and the bear

Ivan Bilibin  I grew up on these Russian Fairy Tales and his illustrations :)

Ivan Bilibin -Russian fairy tales usually include the princess and Babayega, the witch who rides her wooden broom bucket through the sky. I bought this book many years ago, love the illustrations.

Anton Pieck - This is the sort of illustration I want to climb inside and live in.

Anton Franciscus Pieck – was a Dutch painter, artist and graphic artist. His works are noted for their nostalgic or fairy tale-like character and are widely popular, appearing regularly on cards and calendars.