Lucy cosplay @Nicola Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce Pearce Shout we should start planning for anime bonzaii :)

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Out of all the poor Fairy Tail cosplay's i've seen this is one of the best Juvia's i've seen!! OuO)b

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I seriously love this armor of Erza's the most because it was when she realized she didn't need to protect her heart anymore because she had true friends :')

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Lucy and Virgo from Fairy Tail Cosplay

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Natsu Dragneel (from Fairy Tail) #Anime #Rule63 #Cosplay (Me: Gender ender N-Natsu? O-OK... kinda cool! Different...)

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Omg got to go there fairy tail, but just imagine walking into that building and they all turn to you and just everything does silent then out of no where someone just jumps out and shouts "New guild member!" then everyone cheers and you get a stamp and get to talk and hang out with everyone

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