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Charles Wiggins, WINNER in 1926 -- In the 1920s, a group of black sportsmen created the nation's single largest sporting event ever held by and for African Americans: the Gold and Glory Sweepstakes, a series of 100-mile auto racing events held through the U.S. from 1924-1936. On August 2, 1924, an estimated 12,000 spectators crowded into the grandstand at the Indiana State Fairgrounds dirt track to celebrate the single largest sporting event ever held for African Americans.


2.5 Mile Long Lines for Donald Trump Midnight Rally, Leesburg Virginia – Moonlight Live Stream… - The fifth Trump rally of the day will take place in Leesburg Virginia, the fifth state of the day.  The venue is the Loudoun Fairgrounds.  The event was originally scheduled for 9:30pm, however due…