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Apparently Earth Was Built Around A Giant

Lol that's hilarious<You think this is Hilarious!?! This is Crazy!!! Whoa I can't even begin to comprehend. My whole Life is a Lie! Why do I feel that the Doctor has something to do with this though?


Map of Uruguay - Montevideo, South American Countries, Uruguay Map Facts History - World Atlas....smooth and undulating


Interesting Facts About Uruguay that you definately should know about this southamerican country between brazil and argentina, with its beautiful coastline.

Uruguay is a country in South America. The Capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. Some interesting facts about Uruguay are: The population is same as Central London population, the national anthem is the world longest song-4:45, and the Uruguay means the river of the painted birds.

from the Guardian

Nine things you probably never knew about Uruguay

Nine Interesting Facts About Uruguay