Rosa Parks Comprehension Pack

This Rosa Parks Comprehension Pack for Black History Month includes a 2-page comprehension / biography on her life with questions. There are also many other activities for the students to learn through this topic.This would also be perfect for Women's History Month!Included:2 page Comprehension / biography with questions1 page Reflection Sheet (KWL - What do I know, What do I want to learn and what did I learn?1 page What did I learn? / Fact Sheet1 page Dictionary Skills - students look up w

100 years before Rosa Parks there was Frances Ellen Watkins Harper (1825-1911). She was an author, poet and abolitionist. Born free in Baltimore, she had a prolific career, publishing her first book of poetry at age 20 and her first novel (Iola Leroy) at age 67. In 1850, she became the first woman to teach sewing at the Union Seminary. In 1851, she helped blacks along the Underground Railroad en route to Canada, running from the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850.


Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was a courageous woman! This product will get your kiddos writing and making connections to Rosa Parks! This will make a great addition to your Rosa Parks Unit!! Included:- Rosa Parks KWL Chart- Rosa Parks Venn Diagram ( Rosa and Me!)- Rosa Parks Descriptions (graphic organizer)- Rosa Parks Information (graphic organizer)- Rosa Parks Facts (graphic organizer)- All About Rosa ( full writing page)- Why Was Rosa Parks a Hero? ( full writing page)- Rosa Parks- Timeline of Events…


Flipping Over Rosa Parks! {An Informational Flip Book for Grades 1-2}

A NO PREP Flip Book about Rosa Parks: This project includes a timeline, factual captions, and fun facts about the life of Mrs. Parks. #rosaparks #blackhistorymonth $


:: Rosa Parks Quotes :: With this still happening in my country today (where intolerant men try to send women to the back of the bus), we remember Rosa Parks.


"Rosa Parks refused to move from her seat. She didn't flip the bus. MLK Jr. exercised his freedom of speech to bring people together. Not assault them. There's a difference between a protest and a riot"


A selection of the iconic civil rights activist’s letters and photos will go on display next month, documents which highlight Parks’s struggle to overcome bigotry

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