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What a beautiful man with a beautiful name (Mr. Hamilton Polk). He’s been with the McIlhenny Company for over 40 years and has even been the face of several advertisements. He graciously explain how oak barrels, once used for whiskey and bourbon, are retrofitted and reinforced to handle the acidic and spicy conditions of mash fermentation.

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munitions factory, world war II, england, women in the workforce, women factory workers

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Vintage Edwardian Bib Overalls Uniform, Reproduction, Light Blue Cotton W28/30 - for Factory Worker Costume, Steampunk or Sky Pirate Cosplay

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Rosie la Remachadora: la verdadera historia que esconde el icono del feminismo

This one really caught my eye because this shows just how hard they wanted equal rights in there jobs but how glamours they kept themselves

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Modern Times (1936) "A cog in the Lego machine" 244 pieces; time to build: most of a Saturday Modern Times is full of classic Chaplin moments: roller skating on the brink of a chasm, the automatic feeding maching, the gibberish song. But the most enduring image from the film is when Chaplin's factory worker falls into the machine and becomes ensnared by the massive gears and wheels. When I started designing a 16x16 Lego vignette of this scene, I thought it would be quick 'n easy. But as…

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