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Fear Fighting: When You’ve Lost Sight of Yourself

Fear Fighting: When You’ve Lost Sight of Yourself - Cord of 6

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It's Time to Trade Fear for Faith! New Series

Sometimes we have to step out of places that are comfortable in order to step into God's will. Follow this series and discover how to trade fear for faith

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This can apply to so many different things in life! Ive had to learn this myself a few times. Most recently was in regards to driving after the accident. Since the accident i have been very nervous as a passenger in a car let alone as the driver. But I decided that I don't want the negative things that happened in my past and the fear of them happening in my future to stop positive things happening in my present! So today I faced my fears head on and finally got my licence! What I've…

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"Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free."

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