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People often apply eye cream in the wrong place, resulting in actually GREATER puffiness! Don't make that mistake again! Use R+F Multi-Function Eye Cream and be Wowed!

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Everything is cuter when it's a mini!!!!! I'm obsessed with our new mini eye creams! So...who has been wanting to try our famous liquid-gold multi-function eye cream?? Comment below "eye do", and I will put you on my Lash list for Lash Boost! I'm giving a free mini eye cream with purchase of Lash Boost to my preferred customers! Message me for details on how to become a preferred customer!

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Health benefits of Copper:Copper is one of the most important minerals that guarantee the proper function of many of our body parts #Bone and Tissue Growth #Brain Health #Arthritis Treatment #Energy Release #Eyes and Hair #Cholesterol #Thyroid Glands

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Free Redefine Multi-Function Eye Cream in February! Message me today. Denetta Troxell { Shop Products } { Join my Team } Purchase any Skincare Regimen and pick from 5 products as my gift to you! Rodan Rodan + Fields is Changing Skin & Changing Lives!

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Rodan and Fields multi-function eye cream how to apply

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↪August Special↩ Purchase a Rodan + Fields REGIMEN as a new Preferred Customer, and I will give you a FREE Multi-Function Eye Cream ($60 value)! Offer valid until August 31 ONLY! Are YOU ready to get started with your best skin ever?!? Contact me for more details!! #getyourstoday #bestdecisionimade

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It doesn't get better than this! Contact me for more information!

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Rodan and Fields eye cream works miracles! Another awesome before and after pic. Contact

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Breathing Sei Hei Ki To Clear Your Energy

Breathing Sei Hei Ki to Clear Your Energy. Today’s technique is breathing Sei Hei Ki to clear your energy. Why do you want to clear your energy? So that you’re functioning at your highest potential. So that whatever is bothering you is sent out of your system. So that you can get on with your day. This is best to use at the start of the day and/or when you get in a bad mood and/or just feel like you need it. Use it as often as you need. Sei Hei Ki SHK Reiki Symbol

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Are you applying your eye cream correctly? Rodan + Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream is great for crows feet, dark circles and puffiness. 60 day money back guarantee. Message me on pinterest @ R+Fskincare101.

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